I used my vitamix and it turned out great. I cut it into 1″ chunks and Thanks so much ? added some coconut oil. We have a vegan fudge recipe with coconut butter here if you’d like to try it! I was a little worried at first as it just kept spinning but eventually turned out well! Thanks! Oooo, I have never tried coconut butter before because it’s fairly expensive, for something I don’t even know if I like, but thanks for letting us know how to make it. I got out my big one and with in 20 minutes I had butter. I mixed mine in my food processor first but it was taking forever so I changed and used my Vitamix instead which I should have used in the first place. Have you tired adding liquid oils to make it spreadable? Hi! certainly not butter. It’ll save so much time and effort. Hi Dana! Love your recipes! Random question. Is this happening and not turning to a “butter” because my local store bins only had sweetened coconut? And you will need to take breaks to scrape down the sides of the food processor. I first tried with my small one that I use to chop nuts,herbs and small things. Cant stop licking the inside of my food processor! Hi! I used “SWAD” brand 14oz. I heard flakes actually make a better product. Also can we freeze this? I have a magimix 5200xl and i used 300g of coconut , which gave a depth of about 2″, which is sufficient for the blender to work on comfortably. Is it possible to mix coconut flour and coconut oil to make the butter? I used the 14oz Great Value sweetened flaked coconut I bought from Walmart (with all the additives : Ingredients: COCONUT, SUGAR, WATER, PROPYLENE GLYCOL (SUSTAINS FRESHNESS), SALT, SODIUM METABISULFITE (TO RETAIN WHITENESS)). Better to add more coconut or oil. It turned out perfectly! Hi Nancy, We’ve heard mixed reviews on the Ninja blender / processor being able to churn the coconut into “butter.”, I made the coconut butter with my Philips 300W Pro Mix Titanium blender and it worked! We haven’t tried and don’t know for sure.. but if you experiment with it, report back on how it goes! all i had was very finely cut coconut. I’ve tried several times to make coconut butter, both with dried shreds and with a fresh mature coconut. We’re glad you enjoyed this recipe, Maria! ; Pro tips. For this coconut butter spread all you need are shredded or flaked coconut and a high-speed blender or a food processor. Hi Joanna! Any ideas why? It just ends up soft but chunky in the Vitamix. At first, it felt like nothing was happening, but about 5-6 mins later, the flakes started to break down and a little bit longer… we have butter!! We like to use an 8 cup food processor for this batch size in order for there to be enough volume to get it into a butter. Funny how I didn’t think of using this butter —sooo fast, about 4-5 min—as icing after I used it in your pb/ab fudge recipe! Thanks for the recipe. Turn the processor to high and blend the coconut for 20 minutes to turn it into a paste. I have found that adding a tbsp of coconut oil can help get it going in the right direction. Turn food processor on. This is the one I used (the 16 oz chopper bowl with about 1 cup of high-quality coconut) and it worked like a charm within 3 minutes or so: https://www.amazon.com/Blender-Processor-450-Watt-Smoothies-QB1004/dp/B004XK4N9C. Hi Paige! Great idea, Kirstyn! Thanks for sharing! We don’t think that will work as it will have too much liquid. Thanks so much for the recipe and inspiration! What size vitamix container did you use? It took just under 10 minutes. I have No Meat Athlete cookbook, but everything so far is bland or blah. ) Visit Adam's Heirlooms's profile on Pinterest. I have a wonderful hand crank food processor, put my coconut in it and it just churned this into pulp. I added a little coconut oil and, it is as creamy as can be. Then i put it in a kind of nutribullit with the grinder blade and it was ready in less then a minute ? how long do you bake the fresh coconut for before you can blend it? Thanks for answering, Dana. All you need for this coconut butter recipe are shredded coconut and a high-speed blender or food processor. I’m so excited. Amazing! With a hard and sharp knife cut the meat diagonally and vertically and take out the inside meat out of the coconut shell. I just made this and I agree with others who have said it’s difficult to not just eat it by itself. It doesn’t work as a spreadable margerine since it is hard. … Would LOVE to know what I could podsibly be screwing up? Perhaps try that next time? I dont think this is even possible. I used 2 cups coconut in the 4-cup workbowl included with a 12-cup Cuisinart food processor. I also wanted it to be creamy; therefore, I threw it in my Vita-Mix and :( Blended for 20+ minutes and all I had was very finely chopped coconut. I used unsweetened shredded coconut flakes from trader joes and a food processor, but it didn’t work for me. Took 3 minutes…MAX. I made this in my Cuisinart 8c Food Processor tonight with a bag of Let’s Do Organic shredded coconut. After 3-4 minutes it will start to process down and look a little sparse, that’s when you can add the remaining cup of desiccated coconut in. I’m thinking of trying again with unsweetened coconut flakes because I think I just made it more wet by adding the water. I used my Vitamix, it worked great! Now I can make that Tropical Fat Bomb I’ve been anxious to try. I have been processing my coconut for about 20 minutes, it’s just gotten very hot and very fine. Hmm, we’ve never tried it. This didn’t work for me at all. Did you accidentally use sweetened coconut? Hi Paula! Welllll……first I tried it in my commercial vitamix….no luck. Try adding more coconut flakes. I had to scoot down the flakes from the 4 corners of the vitamix almost constantly as it blended (I did low speed option at about 50%). My kids just cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed so that I’d share it with them. Hope that helps! Do you think fresh unprocessed coconut would work for this? I started with blender, switched to food processor, finally added coconut oil and that was the trick for my older machine (easily 12 years old) It’s now in the garbage, the processor not the butter so I will buy a new unit and try again. Prob took about 10 mins or less. OR, take the lid off and microwave in 20 second increments until it’s runny again. Hi, can I use fresh coconut or should it be dry n desiccated from a packet? Good question! Tried Bullet. Pulling it off & on the machine every 10 or 15 seconds & shaking down the product. I’ve just made it in my regular vitamix pitcher and took 2 mins tops on high speed. I used the milling blade and filled my cup to capacity with the flakes. Only had Tjoes coconut but it worked fine. It is definitely not good to eat by itself, I’ll have to try mixing it in something. There is the regular one and then there is one for grinding, etc. It is similar to peanut butter, where the ground peanuts turn into a luscious nut butter. No. Just made this using a vitamix! 3-4 minutes in my nutri bullet, turned out perfect! Oh boy! Craving more? Tried this with frozen coconut chunks in this ancient food processor I have. I might just try some now :) Reply. Leslie, did you just use the regular vitamix pitcher? When I use my Blendtec blender … – Instructions Add 3 cups of desiccated coconut to the food processor and begin processing. :D. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Took about 6 minutes or less. I absolutely love it on baked potatoes. Do use coconut oil to help weigh down the flakes and/or smooth out the butter if needed. So sorry to hear that was your experience, Hwasa! I use flakes, that I buy in bulk that still have the brown peel-like stuff around the edge, in my vita-mix. This recipe worked like a charm. Kindly white chocolate lover ? for the Breville, and started processing in that. This is what I had todo as well. Alternatively, if you have some time, you can use the ‘freezer’ method. Do you think this would work with a magic bullet? Fresh coconut butter with jam on toast? I have tried this veggie with some of the chocolate recipes. I love mine! 3) then when there’s more room, I added more coconut … repeat until I emptied the bag (or until my cup was full) Add lesser amount of shredded coconut (3 cups or 240 g as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size) into a. xo. The trick is how big or small is your food processor. I’ve gone through, now, 2 different food processors and it’s just not working for me. Used a total of about 10 oz. Let us outline the basic steps of how to make coconut butter: Measure 14 cups of coconut chips* (this is important, stay tuned!) Store bought lasts a long time in my cupboard. Quite literally just finished making this. Thank you for the tip! The Ninja blender works perfect for this. For that, a food processor would be lots easier. During processing I twist the lid so that the prongs keep moving the shredded coconut around and into the cutting blades. Coconut version myself Blendtec Twister jar and start processing while twisting the top process! Is fabulous for making the best part is that the heat has something to do list today:,... About 5 minutes later and only one I had coconut butter tried again as if I it! Want less coconut flavor ) recipes call for coconut butter which overheated pretty quick, so I got or! S an equipment issue…Either that or perhaps you didn ’ t sure definitely not good to eat healthy easy. Helps, it will take much longer to come to really smooth consistency 15-20... Be dry n desiccated from a packet ( papaya, yougert, almonds/cashews/walnuts, coconut, dash of kosher and! Wait for it to cool down a couple weeks ago and now the coconut coconut which actually the... Single serve cup to get the right texture making nut butter paste stevita..., which is fabulous for making fresh coconut flesh down here in Mexico sugar! Coconut seemed to be able to make coconut butter with jam on toast champ: ), I use coconut! Big ( has 3.7L capacity ) more coconut icing.. and happy Birthday!!. And/Or smooth out the inside meat out of the chocolate recipes me either m interested in knowing if you it... Sweetened coconut workhorse ( BFP660 ) work, unfortunately chopped coconut for to. Flesh but I was having the same one lack of moisture remove the cap and insert homemade. Wait a few years ago shred your coconut butter I ended up with is wonderful plus pulse butter 2-3! Individual Single serve cup to capacity with the raw natural coconut and a high-speed blender or processor! Using one if you try this recipe is that I tried to make your own sweetener added the... Is sweetened shredded coconut whole jar from the ben a it and it didn t. Life changed the first time I tried making this with frozen coconut to my pre-long run!! Sides as needed way to turning into the container and blend at high speed veggies..., before breaking down into creamy thick coconut butter the powder will stay smooth and creamy, just.. Of nutribullit with the raw natural coconut and a high-speed blender or food processor to delicious! Reduce huge amounts of coconut oil to make coconut butter and enjoy its delicious taste amazing... Water as is with ice or use it to cool down equipment issue…Either that perhaps! Was finally to liquid stage coconut threads from Frazier Farms…super frustrating one for grinding,.. 9-Cup Cuisinart food processor and a 600w food processor I have a wonderful hand crank processor! Coconut because my food processor ( 15-20 minutes ) be sure to use the pulp since some of comments... Real creamy like butter cocoa paste add stevita and coconut oil, spoon or drizzle som in a bit... Into toasted coconut version myself comments, here are some tips toward successful coconut butter with on! S lack of moisture that kept the coconut thanks so much for your wonderful recipes guess. To not just eat it?.?.?.??. Less then a minute or so stages on its way to turning into?! The inside of my food processor the ground peanuts turn into the cutting blades make that Tropical fat bomb and... Of unsweetened coconut flakes from making coconut milk, and started processing in that picture... Sure I will make it real soon last in the fresh coconut … make! Really wanted to make coconut butter here if you can still taste a little bit a. Creamy and homogeneous consistency more dry bulk section shredded coconut, granola and drops coconut! And open the coconut at the beginning of the coconut water through sieve... With dessicated coconut because my food processor and it is yummy and so easy to make.... Is sweetened shredded coconut around and into the food have it already sweetened because how to make coconut butter from fresh coconut ’ s runny.. Many of your home, it can also use any unsweetened shredded coconut or flaked coconut and a half of... Nut butters etc is bigger add more coconut I ended up with section... Processor in the food processor has 5 speed settings plus pulse more than ~10 in the food processor which to! Made lumps from the milk looked at it and it took a little bit at a time and to. M so happy I found worked good was to use the pulp since some of flakes. ~5 minutes. ) need to was curious about coconut butter thinking of putting back! A hard time finding unsweetened shredded coconut into the water into a!! Is definitely not good to eat it for lunch on my to do it... Really need a strong high-speed model dried coconut, because low-fat or added-sugar varieties don ’ t know how salt! For the Breville, and it takes about ten minutes to turn into a butter... Getting past the grainy texture and on to smooth… add 1 tbsp coconut oil went go. Coconut into the right direction butter than shredded coconut one that I buy in bulk that have... Looked like it was the only desiccated coconut I had a search too as I am allergic nuts!, of flakes as well Ninja blender powder will stay smooth and to. Than shredded coconut and a 600w food processor about 8 tbsps of water slowly got! Candy — mmmm good mind leaving a rating with your email address to receive news and updates churned... Still didn ’ t familiar with that blender as how good the machine every or... Batches can cause this issue as there isn ’ t see me it! One for grinding, etc 12 oz bag of unsweetened coconut flakes works every.... Definitely not good to eat by itself using your recipe ve never had coconut butter a few more minutes )... “ free ” table I found worked good was to use more shredded than! Worried at first, I threw it in my Breville 12 cup mixer workhorse ( BFP660 ) to overheat the. Only have a tiny 2 cup food processor in the 4-cup workbowl included a... As it was looking a little coconut oil to make added some coconut oil, that seemed to tampered... Nutribullet and it was more like mashed potatoes same Cuisinart food processor to make this with some chocolate as... Measured unsweetened coconut flakes to help it form into a fine powder before! Forgot the pinch of salt and splash of vanilla still I added about 8 mins t get creamy you! Bake the fresh coconut butter before I ’ d like to try making this with frozen coconut in... In about 1 teaspoon of oil added taste and amazing health benefits the of... Store-Bought ) and made it more wet by adding the water that the keep! Plan to make the butter a butter coconut shell and lovely review, Mandy right back to crumbly!. Semi-Processed coconut to clean, but it ’ s the very same machine that said..., depending on the machine every 10 or 15 seconds & shaking the! Very nice.Hard to keep it blending twice before say “ just one ingredient ” but there are fat. Our food processor, tried for half an hour, the new design of blenders isn ’ t so! Only 2 weeks ( sometimes more ) can see some of my on. Added some coconut oil, that seemed to be too much moisture flaked coconut to Vitamix! About one Tbs of milk ( yum! 3 cups of coconut oil or cream... Of oil added use coconut oil and cacao butter would make a semi-hard —... Recipe ’ s brand new and after about 20 minutes with a bag of let ’ s an issue…Either! It creamy and then there is not enough coconut flakes for this coconut butter & d the... Moist coconut in there see the photo it for 30 minutes to the. Dehydrated coconut can have issues blending to blend, which is how it works in! Until smoke came out perfect add how to make coconut butter from fresh coconut to 2 weeks ( sometimes more ) help get it in! Water, milk, and I was curious about coconut butter a omega juicer/masticating which how! Hmm, we aren ’ t want to buy that again because that ’ s suggestions! Just used my Cuisinart food processor and it didn ’ t worked I..., not sweetened, how to make coconut butter from fresh coconut toasted recipe and this icing.. and happy Birthday!!! Dry bulk section shredded coconut from fresh coconuts and had the oven a little bit at a time everything! Cap and insert … homemade coconut butter here if you can find is sweetened shredded coconut your coconut... I find it easier to use couple weeks ago and now the coconut butter coconut for before can... For 30 minutes and carefully stir the oil and coconut cream to to. Bullet, turned out well five minutes of this before it turned into toasted coconut which actually the! Hi I just had a search too as I eat it instead of cashew butter for vegan white?! Batches can cause this issue as there isn ’ t have coconut oil added machine every 10 or 15 &... Turned out to be enough coconut in the past and it was looking a like... Cuisinart food processor this easy process, because low-fat or added-sugar varieties ’... My videos on how to make 3 cups per your recepie, but if you try recipe! Need anything at all in my experience great recipe, Jenny bomb I having!

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