The popularity and innovation stem in large part from the versatility of soft plastics. Wind … . Soft plastics flat out catch bass, but if they are not rigged up properly you can definitely turn the bass away from your baits. Almost every soft plastic bait can be fished on a Texas rig. When you feel the lure hit bottom, leave it there for a ten second pause and then just lift the rod so the lure leaves the bottom. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Four of the Best Soft Plastic Rigs for Bass Fishing As you become more comfortable with your soft plastic presentations, you'll find yourself experimenting with different color combinations. The Texas rig is universally used all the time for soft plastics to help you fish through, around, and over cover bass love to lay in to ambush their forage. Best Soft Plastic Colors for Summer Bass Fishing – Greg Hackney by Randy | Posted on August 20, 2019 September 10, 2019 Greg Hackney Summer Bass Fishing Tips: Offshore is a place for using the largest of ribbon-tail worms. 6-keys: sports/wired2fish//// In this season of change, as the bass change, and the leaves hint of change, try changing your late summer, early fall tactics to include shallow soft plastics. Weather, Water Temp, Water Clarity, Depth,Type of Cover, and the seasons. Here are four of the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing which will always catch bass. The Carolina rig really shines when the bass are holding tight to the bottom. Originally designed to be a soft plastic jerkbait, similar to a fluke – The Senko Gary created offered more of a soft wobble, especially when rigged weightless. With endless choices at your fingertips, it's easy to get carried away. As we discussed with clear water, "dirty" water is also relative in bass fishing. Salted soft plastics are best for smallmouth bass early in the year. You can always make adjustments as the day goes on. Here are the ones I use the most. (Photo: Soft plastics are perhaps the most popular way to fool big bass. Snag a copy to print out and keep in your boat or tackle bag when times get tough. I have had a lot of great success with this color especially in the summer months and it can also be effective in clear water as well. This post will help you not make a lot of the mistakes I used to make, and get you catching more fish on these all around bass catching soft plastic rigs. The wacky rig enables your soft plastic worms to wriggle freely in the water as you let them fall or twitch them along. Because the hook is exposed in the middle of the soft plastic there are very few times where the bass won’t get hooked up. These soft plastic lures area a good alternative for the plastic worm if you are targeting bigger bass. would provide faster coverage and likely encounter more bass during July and August. If there is one arena where the Texas-rigged worm is still a go-to lure, it's on offshore structure. Earth tones are the most effective colors. Mastering these set ups will make you a better angler and get you “Kraken” more bass. They’re relatively inexpensive, they’re easy to rig and surprisingly simple to fish. Updated July 09, 2018 Soft plastic lures are a popular choice for catching many species of fish, but they are most commonly used for bass and panfish, such as crappies and bluegills. So, when you think about it soft … Another thing that is awesome with the wacky rig is the hook up ratio’s. Dark colors create a more noticeable silhouette that the bass detect easily, therefore increasing your chances of getting bites. Some popular variations include: junebug, black and black and blue. It was an endless cycle that left my boat cluttered, my wallet skinny and my mind in knots.To help you avoid this common problem, we've put together a simple guide for choosing colors for bass fishing soft plastics based on the conditions. The real secret to catching big bass is to know how to match the color of your lure to the conditions of the water. Remember—it's just bass fishing, so try not to overcomplicate it. Knowing the perfect lure color for every situation will save you the humiliation of getting skunked again, and provide you with more bass to brag to your buddies about. Mastering these four different rigs will help you in every situation you are faced with throughout the entire year. Lord knows I wasn't about to take the chance, so I'd buy three more packs. [CDATA[ There are a wide variety of profiles with soft, pliable bodies that produce a life-like action. The Albie Snax can be fish a number of ways to get the bass to strike. It's important to understand that "clear" is a very relative term in bass fishing. If you are fishing soft plastics, in muddy water than the junebug color is a great choice. The wacky rig has become a staple of mine for catching finicky bass. Typically, a drop shot shines when the bass are deep and finicky. Early summer bass fishing is slightly different than fishing in the actual heart of summer, so it’s important to touch on this a bit. This post will help you not make a lot of the mistakes I used to make, and get you catching more fish on these all around bass catching soft plastic rigs. Another thing about the Carolina rig is it fishes faster than a lot of other soft plastic presentations. As green pumpkin proves versatile in the natural color collection, black … Also, many manufacturers impregnate their soft plastics with scents of bunker and sand eel when creating baits to target striped bass and other northea… 10 Best Bass Soft Plastics - December 2020 Results are Based on. For clear waters, natural colors are good, and for murky, dirty and dull waters, bright colors are a better option as bass can easily spot them and get attracted towards the bait. This guide, however, hopefully makes a great starting point, grows your confidence and spurs additional, more complex color modifications down the road. In the post-spawn, many bass feed on small bluegills, and sunfish-colored lures are effective. Plus, included are some professional video’s you can purchase of each set up. Due to the higher water temperatures, bass metabolism and bass activity is at its peak during the summer. Depending upon geographic location, some anglers consider 30 feet of visibility clear while others believe eight feet of visibility is clear. These baits are used to mimic baitfish and can produce a very life-like presentation. Two particular fishing situations call for special color … Two Categories Of Soft Plastics First, let’s break down soft-plastic baits into two general categories. Those are the things that keep me motivated and going to help you in your quest to start “Kraken” bass. While many anglers experiment with bizarre shapes and inventive colors when the bite gets tough, Swindle quotes a popular viral video when he says, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Embracing simplicity has paid big dividends for Swindle. These tutorials will help if you are unclear on how to put these rigs together. ", this video is for YOU!! Best Plastic Stick: Yamamoto Senko Bait at Amazon "Considered by many to be the best bass lure of all." Here’s the bait selection chart to help you know what type of bait you should throw in every type of situation, This Chart will help you select the right lures and baits for every situation to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass. Check out my post on my favorite Carolina Rig baits to give you some ideas of things you can chuck on this rig. Some things just go together. These four rigs when used correctly catch bass. Some argue that the supple materials also give soft plastics a better mouth-feel than hard lures. This rig will get your bait down deep quickly, and keeps the bait down in their face. Walking down the bass fishing aisle at any sporting goods store can make your head spin in circles. Soft plastics are available that mimic crawfish, frogs, minnows, and leeches, but soft plastic worms are a mainstay for the bass fisherman. This time of year is when lakes are at their peak for bass fishing, especially for beginners and casual anglers because bass are scattered everywhere and actively feeding.. Lastly, be creative! If you think the water is clear, trust your judgment. May 21, 2014 - Zoom pro Gerald Swindle keeps his soft plastic selection very simple when targeting summer bass. Usually, this rig works best with small finesse soft plastic baits such as a Jackall Crosstail Shad, Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm, or a Roboworm. The bass can’t help but smash it! When fishing for clear water bass, it's important to use natural and often translucent colors. The wacky rig is typically used with soft plastic worms such as a Senko, Jackall Flick Shake, or Zoom Trick Worm. Here’s a list with links to 10 of the best shaky head soft-plastic baits to try using. 4 Good Lures Fall Bass Fishing 50 Degree Water, Bass Fishing Heavy Weeds & Grass in Ponds & Lakes, What is Float and Fly Fishing - How, When, and Best Setup Bass Fishing, Water Temperature Affects on Bass Fishing - Part 2: Identifying what to use fishing. These are the Best Soft Plastic Lures for Bass Fishing Now’s the time when bass are moving shallow to take advantage of easy feeding on baitfish. Throw something unique on a shaky head to give the bass a different look to get more bites. What if I only bought green-pumpkin-colored lizards when the bass really wanted green pumpkin with blue flake? Great baits for Carolina Rigging are Creature Baits, Flukes, and craw imitations. Soft plastics flat out catch bass, but if they are not rigged up properly you can definitely turn the bass away from your baits. You can let them sink right to the bottom and let them drift around with the tide run. Other soft plastics . Clear water allows for more light penetration, allowing these lighter, more translucent colors to blend in seamlessly with the wary bass' environment. The Albie Snax is one of the most popular soft plastics lures out there. The benefit being that the gamefish would be less likely to let go immediately after striking. Bass Fishing From Shore – What You Need to Not Snag and Catch Bass! Check out my post on some of those variations of the best texas rigging set ups for crushing bass. PowerTeam Lures offers anglers some of the best soft plastic baits on the market today. For some reason when the conditions are right the bass just loves them. Check out my post on wacky rigging for variations of this solid bass catching set up. We’ve compiled the best soft baits for bass fishing, including soft plastic worms, craws, swimbaits, jerk shads, and more.These soft baits are sure to help you make a great catch. It means a lot to me to hear your comments, and see the pictures of the bass you catch. One of the Best Soft Plastic Rigs for Bass fishing is a texas rig as illustrated here. Few soft-plastic lures work as well as a ribbon-tail worm does behind a Carolina Rig in the summer. One of the Best Rigs for Fishing Soft Plastics for Bass is a wacky rigged stick worm as shown in this illustration. The Texas rig is without question one of the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing. As spring approaches, they become especially effective when bass head to shallow water. One of the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing is a drop shot rig. Damn this lure freaks me out with how well it works. Click Here to Get Free Color Selection Chart, Catch More Big Bass By Knowing The Perfect Color With This Free Lure Color Chart. SOFT PLASTICS I fish with soft plastics more and more for species such as bass, wrasse and pollack. “One of my favorite times to use a soft plastic worm is when bass go deep during the summer and hold on offshore ledges and main lake river channels,” says FLW pro Brent Ehrler. The best way to choose the color of the worm is to consider the type of water. This chart helps you take into account 6 factors that can contribute to picking the right bait. Megabass Xlayer and Spindle Worm. The drop shot rig is also my favorite way to catch bass when the fish are spawning on their beds. It especially works well in the clear deep waters of the high desert mountains where I live. Junebug is another dark color that excels in stained and muddy water. I have a variety of colors and sizes I use depending on the water clarity and the mood the fish. Everything I write and offer are things I wished I knew earlier in my fishing career. Best Soft Plastics for Bass Soft plastics are inexpensive and great for catching bass. Soft plastics are similar to spinnerbaits in regard to depth capacity but they are quite prone to snagging on submerged timber and are best rigged weedless on a worm hook when fished amongst the timber. Soft Plastic Baits: The Soft Swimbait and Jerkbait If the bass are not hitting worms, a swimbait or soft jerkbait are great choices especially during a shad kill or during a panfish spawn. Season. The Carolina rig absolutely makes the cut as one of the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing. When bass are schooling in summer or chasing shad in bays in the fall, a chrome or shad-colored lure is a logical choice. Zoom makes very good soft plastics such as the horny toad, super fluke, trickworm, etc. Top 10 Soft Baits for Bass in 2020. While there are occasions when either a squarebill crankbait or a rattling lipless crankbait will produce a summertime bass, many deep impoundments shine in the warm months as anglers throw deep diving crankbaits towards underwater drains, steep ledges, rising humps, and submerged boulders that can all hold schools of bass. There are so many different ways to rig soft plastics for bass fishing. The bass is accustomed to the bait according to the season of the year. One of the Best Soft Plastic Rigs for Bass Fishing is the Carolina Rig shown in this diagram. //

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